Aviad Davidovich – Channeling and healing process
The session takes place via video or phone from anywhere in the world

About me
Aviad Davidovich – a caregiver with all his heart and soul
have been doing this professionally for over 18 years.
Over the years, I have helped and cared for a great volume of people, helping them to cure themselves of serious illnesses and to create themselves the life they seek. I conducted dozens of channeling and healing workshops in Israel and around the world and accompanied and trained dozens of therapists at the beginning of their journey..
The method I developed was created after years of experience with patients in the clinic. I discovered that there is a healing technique where the essence of the technique is connecticting the soul to the physical body. Over the years we go through traumas, adversities and failures that cause us to disconnect from parts of our soul. This is why we begin to develop difficulties, illnesses and find ourselves facing various challenges. Sometimes we feel like we are fighting reality. The more we are connected to our soul, the healthier we are, more energetic, happy and connected to our spiritual destiny..

My specialty is the ability to know where there are energy blockages in the body, what they come from and how they can be released and treated so that the connection to the essence and the supreme guidance is cleaner, higher and more accurate.
My vision is that every person in the world will connect to his spiritual essence, heal himself and support the healing process of the world and thus contribute to the good in him and in all of us.


Aviad is an angel. An absolute energy changer. I have referred 8 clients to him. After a session with aviad, my soul feels reborn. My energy feels amazing and I’m always vibrating at the highest level. I wish I lived closer to so I could experience the body work in person. Aviad has achieved more growth spiritually within me in a few sessions than I did in years of therapy. A true miracle worker.


Aviad has an innate ability to connect very quickly with your thoughts and emotions in a very precise way. He uses this incredible ability to push you forward into the possibilities of your life and into the positivity. Speaking with Aviad has been life changing for me.


Aviad is an absolute angel and healer in every sense of the word. Throughout our continued work together, he has helped me to discover my true mission in life and to wake up to who I really am. I would not have progressed so quickly on my path without his guidance and for this I am eternally grateful. Aviad is pure light, with a heart of gold and generosity of spirit, and anyone that comes into contact with him should feel very blessed. I honestly cannot recommend him enough!


After just a few sessions with Aviad my life took a different turn. He was able to help me confront and identify deep buried issues that without him would’ve continued to remain unspoken. He has shifted my energy in ways that I cannot describe and is truly a magical human being who really is here to help us be better version of ourselves! I look forward to every session with him of working and healing towards a better state of goodness/positivity/light!
Thank you Aviad ♥ ♥

Casey, 35 year old Australian female.
I started going to Aviad last year for 6 sessions once a week, I now visit him once a month for maintenance.

He really helped me heal from previous relationships and hardships allowing me to get in touch with myself and unlock my higher powers/evoke self love. I am now vibrating at a different level and attracting only good in my life.

Aviad was also was a huge orchestrator in my decision to move to Israel and make Aliya. During my time in Australia we conducted phone sessions which were hugely affective. He helped me answer the questions that already lay within my soul.

Having frequented many health retreats and services around the world, I an honestly say Aviad is a true healer.

He heals by flowing through the affected parts of the energy fields within your body and charges them with positive energy. It raises the vibratory level of the energy field in and around the physical body where the negative thoughts and feelings are attached. This causes the negative energy to break apart and fall away.
I cannot recommend him highly enough!

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